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There are more than 60 products as a result of a continuous research and development in the United States of America in the last 40 years.
None of the products is qualified as drug so they can be fed during the whole racing season without the risk of dopping test positivity. Good muscular system, good joints and ligaments, good cardio-vascular circulation and breathing and good immune system- these together are essential in achieving the desired result.
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Customers Experiences

To keep my team sound and supple I run them on Cortaflex HA Liquid and maintain them on Cortaflex Powder, and for mzself I take Cortaflex capsules. Pippa Funnell

Since I started using Cortaflex two years ago on my international horses their results have significantly improved! I swear by Cortaflex and now use it on the whole yard. Ellen Whitaker

I use Cortaflex as standard for the older horses in work, and the younger horses benefit from So-Kalm when they first start competing. Robert Smith

I use ProPell Plus throughout the whole yard, its an integral part of all of the horses diets and a major contribution to their well being. Tim Stockdale

I was very pleased by the effects of Hoof Power Plus. I used it on my mare for one month, and I have to tell you I was amazed. The top 2 cm of her hooves grew vigorously and looked and felt strong and healthy. Hoof Power Plus is the first and only hoof supplement I will recommend to my clients and use for my own horse. Hanne Engstrom, MRCVS

I am always very cautious about these types of products, but I have found Lamigard to be outstanding. Dr. David Platt BVSc., PhD., DEO., FRCVS

I use Tye-Gard on horses within my care, I believe it is the best product of its kind on the market. Henrietta Knight

After getting such outstanding results with Cortaflex HA I decided to try U-Gard on a couple of horses.Their appetites and overall appearance improved dramatically. I now use both of these products on a regular basis. Peter Bowen

I owe a border collie bitch whom, two weeks ago, I put on Cortaflex. She has now been allowed off her lead, something we thought we would never be able to do. Thank you for enabling my dog to have a good quality of life once more, she will stay on Cortaflex as long as she lives! Louise Holme



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