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Mobile Digital X-ray

X-ray as a diagnostic procedure has been used in veterinary science since 1896.The big goal in radiology was also the computer technique which is todays most dynamically developing industry. Digital radiology produces better picture quality, better resolution and much higher possibility to get the right diagnosis as safe and quick as it can happen. The pictures can lighten, darken, made more contrast, enlarged and of course be printed on photo paper or X-ray folia.
The computer system has a great therapeutic advantage of increasing the judgement of the pathologic deformations of the bones. In addition, the data can be mobilized /e-mail, CD etc./ by a means of  digital technique. Through this mobile system the pictures can be developed and diagnosed immediately also in a stable not only in a clinic. There is chance of an immediate treatment depending on the needs since the photograph can be judged right to the animal.
In conclusion, with the digital X-ray - being safer and better quality diagnostic value we can decrease of the number of shots are needed, decreases the km number so it earns money fro the horse owners.

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There are more than 60 products as a result of a continuous research and development in the United States of America in the last 40 years.
None of the products is qualified as drug so they can be fed during the whole racing season without the risk of dopping test positivity. Good muscular system, good joints and ligaments, good cardio-vascular circulation and breathing and good immune system- these together are essential in achieving the desired result.
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