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First Aid Kit in the stable

In the case of an injury or illness it can happen that the horse owner must do some acute intervention until the vets arrival. It is useful to keep a First Aid Kit in every stud. The owners who go to competitions or shows should have such a kit in the horse trailer. The vet is ready to assist you in assembling your medical equipment and give advice how to use it properly.

Elastic bandage
Medical cotton wool
10 x10 cm gauze sheets
Eye ointment
Gauze sheets
Betadine soup
Betadine solution
Hydrogen-peroxide solution
Power tape
Butasan paste or Phenylbutason powder
The vets telephone number



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There are more than 60 products as a result of a continuous research and development in the United States of America in the last 40 years.
None of the products is qualified as drug so they can be fed during the whole racing season without the risk of dopping test positivity. Good muscular system, good joints and ligaments, good cardio-vascular circulation and breathing and good immune system- these together are essential in achieving the desired result.
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